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How to set up my profile? is a prominent crypto exchange that offers to buy, sell and swap several cryptocurrencies. To do so, you are asked to set up your profile. In case you are looking to start your journey with exchange then you must know ways to create a login account. But in case you are not sure about the account setup and login process then you can do so by visiting the official site. Today this post will brief you about the sign-up and sign-in process of the account. Make sure to install the mobile app to set up your profile on mobile.

Way to sign up for account

People who are confused about the way to login into the Crypto login can easily do so by following the steps that are given below:

Open the mobile application

Now, locate the login page

Enter the email and password details

Confirm the details and then tap the ‘Login’ button

Way to fix the login not working

If the account is not working on your mobile then do the following:

Check the network connection status on your Android or iOS device

Feed the sign in details correctly

Reset the password of your account

Clear the app data and cache files

Update the mobile app instantly


To sum up, a exchange account can be easily signed up and accessed if you follow the right path. Make sure to provide each information correctly to avoid any issues in the future. For the help of the people, we have mentioned the quick steps to create a profile and then the way to access it above on this page.